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Our Underwear Drawer is on the Floor

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Well this is our blog. Not only for the hostees of Forever-Rain but for the Yumemiru girls as well. We always wanted to do a group blog just to get all of us to interact with each other so I think this is a great way to do it. I hope all of you have fun here and post anything you want to talk, rant, or just rave about.

Why is it called Our Underwear Drawer is on the Floor? Well because it's true. Most of time when we get home late at night, we just throw our stuff on the floor. Certainly, I'm not a clean freak and neither is Maureen and yes, most of the time a lot of our stuff is on the floor rather than in its proper place. And sometimes, when we are frustrated and or have a bad day... we just want to throw all our feelings to the floor and just scream out our anxiety. So yeah... we thought the name is perfect. Besides that, it certainly catches everyone's attention doesn't it?