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Reality TV

Isn't weird how there are so many reality TV on now? I just can't stand how every network is clobbered with it. Where are the real dramas and comedy shows? What happened to the networks creating new shows that are as good as "The Wonder Years" or something? It's horrible. Especially the whole "I want to be Hilton" show... The hell? The mother of Paris Hilton, teaching young people how to be a socialite while her own daughter became famous because of her sex video. Shouldn't she be the last person to be teaching how to be a socialite? Ugh. That is so disgusting.

-Sorry about the rant... Since our little F-R blog has been quiet for such a long time, I may as well post.

-I so can't wait for the RENT movie!!
-Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were so hot in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (mostly Angelina)
-It's too hot here.
-I want some ice cream.
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